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Creightons TJM egr fleet canopy colorado dual cab

EGR Fleet Canopy inc Lift Windows Dual Cab


EGR Fleet Canopy inc Lift Windows Dual Cab

Holden Colorado RG 2012-onwards Fleet Lift Window Canopy

Starting with a sheet of ABS, the material is strong, thick and UV stable with acrylic capping to provide an excellent smooth surface as its first and final finish.

Robotically painted

Dual Lift Up Side Windows

Available Colours - Summit White GAZ; Nitrate Silver GAN; Satin Steel Grey GYM; Power Blue G8P; Absolute Red GG2; Mineral Black GB0; Auburn Brown GVX; Orange Crush G18; Dark Shadow GUN; Oceanic Blue GVZ; Sizzle GGJ; Royal Grey GQQ; Blue Mountain GVY; Black Sapphire GQR; Orange Rock G6V;