PIRANHA Dual Battery System

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PIRANHA Dual Battery System


We consider the DBE140s to be the best value for money management system on the market today. Fully Micro-Processor controlled to ensure your starting battery stays protected from your auxiliary battery and your fridge, camping lights and all the other non-critical accessories you need around the camp site.

To keep you vehicle protected, the DBE140s has electronic current limiting built in, lightning quick and spot on accurate.

Includes 100amp Midi Fuse and Holder

The DBE140s is fully sealed from water, dust and mud allowing the unit to be mounted in any orientation that suits your purpose. Using the nickel plated brass nut and bolt connections for battery cables making the unit simple to install. The flexibiliy of the unit allows you to easily upgrade an old or inferior isolator while using existing wiring.

The DBE140s has a 2 year warranty. 5 years if fitted by authorised Piranha agent.


Piranha's DBE180-SX Electronic Isolator is a 180 Amp unit with full spike and surge protection and solar input to charge the auxiliary battery. With a plastic/nylon case, sealed relays and special coatings to resist corrosion and water damage, this is the toughest isolator Piranha has ever built.

The DBE180-SX Electronic Isolator is an ignition sensing isolator and is ideal for touring vehicles with mulitple batteries or for those vehicles needing to provide charge to batteries in camper trailers or caravans.

New Features

VPF - Vehicle Protection Function Protects against overloads and faults

Sense Function - Can operate using ignition sense or auto function

100 Watt Solar Panel Input - Quick Connection from your Regulated Solar panel to your Auxiliary battery

Diagnostic indicators - LED indicates Charging, non charging and fault modes

Advanced Electronics:

Fully automatic operation using advanced electronics and high performance relays. The electronics are rated for tough 4WD conditions and the relays are sealed against dust and moisture.
High accuracy electronics manage the auxiliary battery for both effective charging and safe starting.
The main starting battery is always protected and cannot be drained by a load connected to the auxiliary battery.
Electronics are factory calibrated - no adjustments are required for the life of the unit.
Efficient low power design offers maximum charging current for the auxiliary battery.
New intelligent current limiting circuitry isolates auxiliary battery on accidental overload
Improved electrical spike and surge protection.
Easy to use:

New design with secure internal connection of battery cables
simple to install. All wires, including two 3m heavy duty high quality heat and oil resistant cables with built in strain relief are provided.
Easily mounted to engine bay or firewall
Large LED indicator provides clear feedback to the user
Manufactured in Australia to ISO9002 manufacturing standards
More Convenient:

Output for remote monitoring auxiliary battery
Input for auxiliary battery charging with regulated solar panels
(100 Watts MAX)
Convenient snap-fit connectors

5 Year Extended Warranty
when fitted by a Piranha authorised outlet

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