TORQIT Power Module


TORQIT Power Module

The Power Module is a 4WD performance chip that safely unleashes power, torque and fuel efficiency lost through factory programming in your vehicle’s on-board computer.

Your vehicle will be under considerable stress when towing heavy loads, and this stress can impact the life of your vehicle. A Power Module reduces that stress, increasing all round power and torque.

Perfect for anyone towing a caravan, boat or trailer, a Power Module allows your vehicle to perform to its maximum ability. You’ll notice the pulling power immediately, enjoying a much smoother driving experience.

Every Torqit Power Module is specifically programmed for vehicle make, model and engine type.

It sits between two existing plugs in the vehicle’s fuel operating system. As this is located in different areas depending on the vehicle, ensure you review vehicle specific fitting instructions. Installation is quick and easy, taking just 15 minutes.

This unit can be used as a hardwired or Bluetooth-controlled module. The best part is that you do not have to choose – once the Power Module is installed on a vehicle, it is automatically set to the highest performance mode. The Bluetooth mode has three optimum settings to choose from, Economy, Cruise and Sport, each increasing with power and torque. To alter the tune, download Torqit’s Connect app and follow the instructions.